Who am I?  Just a mom that hates to miss a moment. 

I became obsessed with having my four children photographed often because I could see how fast they were growing. I wanted to make time stand still, even for a just a moment. I love lifestyle photos because they capture the "realness" of my children, however, I struggled to find affordable photographers.

photo credit: Whit C Photography





My name is Jeanni...and I currently live in Lakeville, Minnesota. 

My passion in life is bubble gum, my 4 littles, the color white, and a strong cup of coffee!  I also deeply love: my husband, Jesus, and anything vintage.  At heart I am a 90 year old woman. 

I LOVE/HATE watching my kiddos grow up...and I want to freeze every moment of their lives to treasure in my heart.  Insert my love of photography.  My goal is to serve other families by preserving their moments...be it every day ordinary moments, or those large life changing moments. 

the crew

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FAMILY...the ones standing behind you pushing you to be everything that you never knew you could be.  Meet the crew that stands behind me.