that's me, standing in the mirror

Raise your hand if you hate getting in front of the camera?  Yup, me too.  For as much time as I spend with a camera in my hand, I am still apprehensive to step in front of that camera myself.  And despite my deep love of preserving our moments, I am mostly absent in these moments.  


Like most mommas out there, I have insecurities when it comes to seeing myself in photos.  I fixate on the way I look rather than how my kiddos will feel when they see these photos.  I keep forgetting that when my little look back on these photos that they will see a momma that loved them deeply, and not someone who could have looked a little better with a few more hours of sleep.  

Being content is a huge core value in our house…and it is time I start listening to the words I am peaching to my own.  Does being content mean falling in love with those deep squint wrinkles in between my nose?!?!  Ya, well that is never gonna happen.  I might not become BFFs with those groves on my face, but I can learn to love the season of life I am in right now.  I can push down the insecurities I have and show my crew of 4 who I am, in front of and behind the camera.  




the little extras in life

It’s that time of year again.  You know the one…full of unpredictable weather changes, savory treats, back to school mayhem, and extra curricular activities.  Every year around this time I experience an inner struggle.  Let the littles participate in every activity their heart desire, or preserve our family time.  But why does it always have to be one or the other?  We decided we waned it all and made the leap...onto dance class! 


I guess deep down inside I always hoped that I would someday have a daughter that would love dance as much as I did.  Along came Ruby.  Ruby was absolutely born to a boss!  On the first day of class she happily pranced right into class and sat smack dap front and center.  Two years later, she hasn’t looked back once.  The high energy and physicality of dance speak to Ruby's heart.     

This year it was Violet’s turn to join the crew at the Marion Dance Co.  Everything that Ruby is Violet is not, and   I’ll admit, I did not know how our shrieking Violet would take to dance.  We ordered our leotard and shoes, and waited for our first class.  On the first day of class Violet floated into her classroom like a love struck fool.  She spends most class time dreamily following her teacher around, mimicking every move.   The thoughtful movements and storytelling elements of dance speak to Violet's heart.


While both girls are all heart eyes over dance, it totally serves them in completely different ways.  Dance challenges Ruby to look outside of herself and work together as a team.  Confidence and independence is the lesson that Violet is learning from her time in the studio.    


Let me finish up with saying that I love me some activities for the littles…but the heart of our family is, our FAMILY.  Making dance a family affair couldn’t feel better, and because I am a stickler for being mindful of our entire family needs.   Being involved in an activity that cultivates excitement for each other, rather than jus one's self,  is the one I will choose over and over again. 


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everybody bounce now

The sun has finally come out to play here and Iowa...and who did it invite?!?!  The Kutz crew.  Three little girls and one reluctant older brother spent the afternoon in the back yard.

So it's confession time...we own two different bounce houses.  The girls...LOVE them.  (and Max is more than happy to lay in the middle all the while letting 3 little ladies crawl and bounce all over him)  Brad pulled out the smaller of the two bounce houses today for the girls.

So here is how the afternoon really shook down.  Little Miss Violet spent a majority of her after noon in the bounce house.  (I am convinced that because she is just so tiny, she bounced the highest in the bounce house.)  Olive quickly became bored with the bounce house and moved on to the sand box, where she filled and emptied bucket after bucket of sand.  She also dug around collecting little treasures.  (when Brad built the sand box for the littles is added in little gems for the girls to find.  #bestdaddyever)  Ruby...ooh Miss Ruby.  She spend the afternoon prancing about the back yard practicing her best dance moves.  With the wind licking at her face while she spun and twirled about, it was quite a sight.  And my Mr. Max.  Max lounged in the bounce house...somewhere between lazy preteen attitude and youthful interest.  

It was even warm enough that momma girl even went bare foot.  Hello flip flops, is it me your looking for?!?!

the gems in the sand box came from Hobby Lobby and Amazon

the gems in the sand box came from Hobby Lobby and Amazon

rain rain go away, little miss Ruby wants to play!

So, as much as it pains me to is spring here in Iowa.  And it is a cold a rainy spring for sure. The girls are DYING to be outside playing, but that is not meant to be.

Ruby and I explored a few puddles after school.  What is it about puddles that just draw kids to them like magnets.  She had the best time splashing about while twirling her umbrella.  And it wasn't until I told her it was time to go that she discovered how cold she was.

What is the automatic fix for chilly girls?  The promise of a treat?!?!  No matter what it is...anything labeled a treat in an automatic win.  Call it a treat, and this little will be all over it.

So...for the next few days, we are going to be spending our time watching the rain fall, trying to keep dry.